Big Little Reveal 2019

At risk of sounding like your typical, cheesy sorority gal, I have to admit that Big Little Reveal this year was one of the best days of my life. During recruitment, I talked to a girl who stood out from the rest. She was kind, funny, compassionate, and genuine. I prayed every night that she would choose Tri Delta and become my sister.

Spoiler alert! God answered my prayers. Baleigh chose Tri Delta and ran home to us on bid day and I was ecstatic. 

For those of you who don’t know, our sorority requires us to give each new member a sponsor (or big) very quickly after bid day, so they have someone to guide them throughout their new sorority experiences. Alas, big little reveal approached us fast after bid day.

I knew I wanted Baleigh as my little, but I wasn’t sure she would feel the same way. Nerves were high in everyone for the two weeks leading up to big little reveal. The way our big/little selection process works is that we don’t find out who we get as our little until seconds before we run out the door to greet them. 

Us- the bigs- get to choose a theme or costume. We dress up and then lay out an outfit for our little next to a sign with her name on it. Then, we run through the chapter room door and match up with our littles. They have no idea who they get as their big until they see us (sneaky, huh?) Once I found out I got Baleigh I was super excited, and I hoped she would be excited to see me run through the door, too!

For our reveal theme, I chose to do Agnes from Despicable Me (one of my favorite movies) and her fluffy unicorn (“It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna dieee!!!”) I wanted to do something original, but cute and funny. 

Our pictures are pretty comical because she is literally like a foot taller than me, LOL. I hope you enjoyed reading about Baleigh and mine’s Big Little Reveal!

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