How I Study for Finals

Finals suck. There, I said it. They really do. We spend all semester studying our booties off for these things and the worst part is that they could literally make or break our grades! 

I’ve tried every study method known to man- flash cards, Quilts, study groups, etcetera. It wasn’t until this semester that I learned what worked best for me. (Disclaimer: Just because it works for me doesn’t necessarily mean its going to work for you, but I just felt the need to share!)

The method I want to share with y’all today is making practice tests. I know it sounds time-consuming, but just hear me out. When you go to class to take your exam, you’re going to be taking a test, whether it be multiple choice, short answer, fill-in-the-blanks, or all of the above. So why not just go ahead and make yourself a test to practice with? 

First, I like to go through my notes and highlight all of the key terms/material I think my professor might ask on the real exam. I’ll annotate my notes and start typing up questions as I do this. I am going to use my Educational Psychology notes and practice tests to demonstrate this.

Next, once I have highlighted all of the key terms, I compile all of this information into test questions. I typically do this on Word. I will have one tab open to write the test questions, and another one open to make the key as I go. A lot of times I will get my study buddy Helen to make up questions too and we will combine then to make sure we cover lots of material!

Then, I print out a copy of both the test and the key and sit down and take the test. Once I’m finished, I check it with my key and I make note of all of the questions I got wrong so I know what to pay more attention to. 

This method works exceptionally well for me. My Educational Psych professor only gives 3 exams, and I made a 70 on my first  one of the semester (ughhhhh). I really thought it would be impossible for me to bring my grade up to an A, so I was ticked. However, thanks to this method, I ended up making a 94 and a 97 on my last two exams, bringing my grade up to an A!

I’m telling you— it works.

What are your helpful study tips?


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